Part-time Library Clerks & Outreach Coordinator Positions Available: 

The North Manchester Public Library seeks friendly and reliable individuals to fill library clerk positions and an outreach coordinator position. A variety of hours are available and some Saturdays are required. Applications are available at the front desk or they can be downloaded from the link below. You must include a cover letter with your application. Please see the job descriptions below for details.  Any questions can be answered by contacting Kelsey or Jamia at 260-982-4773.



Purpose and Scope

The Library Clerk is responsible for circulating library materials, providing needed services for library patrons and the community, and maintaining the materials of the library. The Library Clerk reports to the Circulation Desk Manager in the Adult Department, and the Children’s Librarian in the Children’s Department.

Principle Responsibilities

  • Circulate library materials, and collect and document fines and charges.
  • Treat public and colleagues with courtesy and respect.
  • Answer reference questions requiring limited searching; and know when to consult on more complex questions.
  • Register patrons for library cards.
  • Operate the library’s automated circulation system, and update the system’s records as needed.
  • Become familiar with the library’s collections, and give guidance and advice to adults and children in the choice and use of library materials.
  • Know library procedures and policies, and be able to explain and interpret them to the public.
  • Schedule and know procedures pertaining to the use of the meeting rooms.
  • Shelve items and read shelves to ensure shelving accuracy on a regular basis.
  • Straighten shelves and maintain the appearance of the library on a regular basis.
  • Know how to operate public-accessible library equipment, including computers.
  • Assist patrons with basic computer questions.
  • Distribute and process the daily mail.
  • Process new materials, evaluate the need to repair or clean items, and follow established procedures to clean or repair materials as needed.
  • Perform special tasks when called upon by the Director, Children’s Librarian, or Circulation Desk Manager.
  • Understand and recognize those tasks which should properly be performed by the Director, Children’s Librarian, or Circulation Desk Manager.

Job Requirements

  • Education – High school graduate preferred.
  • Experience – Prior work in a library preferred.
  • Special skills – Computer skills; outstanding customer service skills; must be able to follow instructions and work independently.
  • Some evening and/or weekend hours required.
  • Be able to lift 20lbs. Be able to squat and work on your feet for long periods of time.


 Purpose and Scope

The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for organization and implementation of programs to serve patrons who have difficulty coming to the library, helping to prepare publicity for library programs, recruiting and scheduling volunteers, maintaining library displays, and performing circulation desk duties as needed. The Outreach Coordinator reports to and is supervised by the Circulation Desk Manager.

Principal responsibilities

  •  Organize and implement the Homebound Delivery Program, and supervise volunteers who select and deliver materials to homebound patrons.
  •  Work in coordination with the Adult Services Library Assistant to create outreach programs at Timbercrest and Peabody, and to publicize outreach services.
  • Implement annual recognition of library volunteers.
  • Maintain library display cases, and coordinate or create exhibits on a rotating basis.
  • Monitor the maintenance needs and supplies for the Blocher Community Room and Conference Room on a regular basis.
  • Perform circulation desk duties as scheduled or as needed.
  • Perform other tasks as requested by the Circulation Desk Manager or the Director.

Job Requirements

  •  Education – High school diploma.
  • Experience – Prior work in a library preferred.
  • Special skills – Computer skills, outstanding customer service skills, ability to follow instructions and work independently; organizational skills.
  • Some evening and/or weekend hours required.